Just about every one who has had the starter fitted to ther bikes in the U.K. phone me shortly after to say how pleased and delighted they are with the starter, so i don't get many emails from the U.K to put on my web site. However I do get emails from over seas

Hear are some I have been sent which are  NOT EDITED


Receved 1st June 2018


Dear Stephen,


I phoned you yesterday about the poor starting on the Super Rocket that I bought from Harold Gardner, I also confirmed that the starter that you fitted to my RGS has been working perfectly for 4 years with no problems at all, I checked the plug gap on the Super Rocket and it was a little over .5mm, I reduced it to .4mm and bingo, it starts perfectly, you’re a genius and I am very grateful for your advice. I have demonstrated the starter on my RGS to countless A10 owners, I’ve always emphasised that it’s been completely trouble free, and how happy I am with the product and the service received, I hope that it’s resulted in a few sales for you.


You have made it possible for septuagenarian bikers like me to keep riding when they have difficulty kick-starting their machines, keep up the good work, it is appreciated.







Receved 7th may 2018

Hi Steve,

I've finally got my bike on the road,the delay was largely due to the lousy weather in this part of the world,and as requested I am sending a few comments for your website.
The starter is brilliant,on my first ride,I stalled the bike at the first junction I came to,and it was a revelation just to press a button and off we go again! No pushing the bike to the side of the road to get out of the traffic queue and then jumping up and down on the kickstart.Fantastic.
The bike is running nicely and no problems with the starter.There is one thing about which I'd be grateful for your advice.When the bike is stalled in heavy traffic,ie engine hot,it starts no problem,the same when it is cold.But if the engine has been stopped for fifteen minutes or so,ie engine just warm,it is reluctant to fire,and requires a small amount of carburettor tickle to fire.It's not a real problem,but I wondered if have any comments ?
As a precaution I'm going to fit new spark plugs,as I realise the current ones are twenty years old,though still seem to be working OK.
Everyone who has seen the bike is impressed with your workmanship and I'm looking forward to a summer of riding it,thank you very much.
I hope there are are some comments you can use in this mail,and I may ring you during the week,
Safe riding
Phil Davidson



E-mail i receved form Graeme Dewar from Australia on 12th April 2018


Hi Steve,
I finished the install today and the starter works really well. Once again, thanks for all your help and a special thanks for designing and building the system in the first place, I absolutely delighted.
Best regards,

An e-mail i receved on 13th April 2016,


I saw an A10 that you converted to electric start at the Ace Cafe last weekend. The biggest problem the owner had was having to demonstrate it to many many people all of whom were very impressed. It never failed to start promptly and the conversion was all but invisible. Many congratulations on designing such an impressive addition. Jonathan



I receved this e-mail from the Don Williamson, the man that Johnathan saw at the Ace Cafe in April :




Don Williamson, 


Reaching the age of retirement I sold my precision engineering business that made components for most of the formula 1 companies and looked forward spending my time on my beloved motorcycling.


I quickly discovered that my lovely BSA A10 Rocket Gold star was becoming too heavy for me, pulling the bike onto it’s centre stand and starting the high compression engine. 


I found the advertisement for Steve McFarlane's Electric starter and ordered the kit. 


Having been used to the highest standards of precision engineering I was astounded by the quality of engineering and design that arrived.


A comprehensive hundred page instruction book, on disk, that came with the kit was fantastic, with fitting tips and photographs.


The unit was easily fitted and the electrics converted to 12 Volt (All in the Kit). The bike started absolutely first time and has continued to do so, to the amazement of anybody that has witnessed it. They walk around the bike trying to discover where the starter mechanism is. “Very amusing”.


On Steve’s advice I converted the magneto to automatic Advance and retard to avoid any damage to the starter clutch should there be a kick back from the engine. 


With the fitting of a side prop stand, my motor cycling is now a joy, making the bike effortless to use.


Thank you Steve.


                 Don Williamson, 


                 Hertfordshire 2nd September 2016



This is the e-mail I received from Fred Hatcher the man from Texas U.S.A.

Hello Steve 

I now have the starter on my bike, it works great. The instation went very well, all the instructions you gave me was spot on. I have started the bike more than 100 times. I can not thank you enough, this has made riding the A10 a  so easy now. You did a very good job inventing the starter. The OHIO VALLEY BSA OWNERS CLUB had a nice write up about your starter and a picture of your bike on the cover. Steave I thank you so much for this. If any one here in the states has any questions about the starter they can email me. Mine works great.

your friend, Fred



He later added,


you have my permission to post the email to your site. I am very happy with the quilty of the starter and your work. Any thing that I can do to help others with the fitting of the starter they can call me 

thanks your friend Fred


More from Fred,

Hello Stephen,

I just wanted to tell you that my A10 starter is working very well. I have had no problem with it and I use it almost every day. I need a starter for my A65 when you get it working.

Thanks Fred








If you would like to contact Fred or Don Williamson, by e-mail or phone please let me know and I will forward his contact information to you. The other I sent to U.S.A.  Australia, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand have reported that they are "working great".   Many of the self fit starter kits i have sent for self fitting all over the U.K. the owners have phoned me to say that his is working great too! N.B. you will have to send me your engine sprocket, cush drive sleeve and crank sleve for me to modify it and fit the gear to the engine sprocket

I have found that the majority of bikes I have fitted them to with magnetos have a discrepancy of around 2-5 degrees difference in firing between the 2 cylinders and this has to be rectified before fitting the starter, as I have found it is more sensitive to advanced timing with the most advanced cylinder having no more than about 33 degrees fully advanced.

It has been more difficult and time consuming getting it from a prototype to a production state, and I have found more small  discrepancy’s between bikes and I have had to  make it slightly more adjustable to accommodate theses discrepancy’s. there are over 100 components making up the kit and a few of them have taken over a week in various prototypes to get just right!

Thanks for your patience.

Stephen R. McFarlane.