The first small batch of starters were made and fitted to bikes, some minor adjustments were carried out then the first production Batch were manufactured.

The first batch of production gears were made,  (picture of the gears are on the bottom of the products tab). Other components were made  and I have been  fitting them to bikes since March 2011. Some of the parts being machined on the pictures tab

I have sent the first starter in kit form to the U.S.A.  in 2011 to a capable man in Texas. He and one or two others fitted it OK,  So I will be now able to offer the starter in kit form.



I have sold these  kits around the World to the U.S.A. Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Italy  they have been sucsessfully fitted and working 

Have a look at the e-mails he has sent me by clicking on "Read More: Testimonials" link on the Home page.

I have sold out of the first batch of starter kits, I am now making anuther batch which will be ready in August 2013, I have already have people on a waiting list for the kits and I think it wont be too long before I will have to make some more kits.


In 2015 I made the 3rd bach of components for the starters. The kits are made up as orders come in.  

Please note the price of the components have unfortunatly gone up and i have had to revise the price of the kits, so please check the price on the "Products" Tab    


Getting low on gears, going to have to get more made soon.........

Next batch of starters should be finished in October  however.......the Gear company that made the gears up until now only took about 3-4 weeks from placing an order to getting the gears BUT now they almoast dubbled there prices compaired to the last gear sets they made!  So i had to find anuther company to make the gears.

I duly  found a gear company and visited ther factory on the south coast to descus deatails about the gears, but they took longer than expected to make the gears as they had to get a special cutter for one of the gears and that had to be orderd from the U.S.A.

The gears arrived at Christmas time.

After checking the gears, and fitting them to bikes they seemed to be of even better consistancy and concentricity than the prevoius Gear company.


I desided to have anuther batch made soon after to avoid running out of gears,  they arrived promptly. 


 Receved higher sales  than anticipated for the starter last year,  so now running low on gears, i odered a larger batch this time to try to avooid running out.  Waiting for them to arrive delivery was supposed to be on 13 th March.  

The problem it that the first firm i used to have the gears made took about 3-4 weeks from when i ordered the gears to when i receved them. the new gear company normally quote 6 weeks but now it is 10 weeks since i ordered them and still no sine of them.

I phoned them many times and they have had problems that were unforseen,  they apologised

The Gears finally arrived on 31st May, initial inspection, ....... all looks good !

just 10 weeks late !

So  now I have to get busy making up kits for orders I have already receved.